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You’ll want to pack your space carefully. Make sure all small items are in a box or plastic container. Leave air space around the outside to help move air. Do not lean items against the walls. It’s good to place a pallet on the concrete floor. You’ll want to place frequently used items near the door and put your valuables away from the door, out of sight. Fill boxes completely because partly filled boxes collapse when stacked. Place heavy boxes on the bottom and lighter boxes or fragile items near the top. Keep upholstery and cardboard boxes off the floor.

When you rent a self storage space you are the only one who knows what you are storing. Since it is your property, you are responsible for the insurance. Check with your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance to verify coverage. If your property is not covered, come to the office and we can provide you with information about insurers who provide low-cost insurance coverage.

Remember we sell a wide range of packing materials to meet your needs. Come into our office and we can assist you with boxes and supplies needed to pack.

Do not store flammables, fuels, ammunition, paints, explosives, animals, or perishables. Store at your own risk guns, money, securities, jewelry, furs, paintings and other high-risk valuables.

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